For over 15 years our bureau has been creating both conservative and innovative projects for private clients, combining functionality and aesthetics. We are inspired by individuality of our clients, and we believe that their private world is no less important than the natural and architectural environment of the project, its initial parameters and lighting.

Since we’ve always worked with private architecture and interior design, we use no standard solutions: we approach each design project as a unique task.

Our design projects are very diverse as we don’t subscribe to a single style. Our profession is a way of life: no matter where we are — at work, on a business trip, traveling or going to the theatre — we draw inspiration and ideas for our work, blending the creative processes seamlessly into the fabric of life. We closely watch all the fashion trends, new exhibitions, books and works of our colleagues, and all of these experiences are transformed and turned into reality.


We are a full cycle bureau — be it a new building or the interior design of an existing one, when we finish our work, you have a place ready to be called home. As such, we develop all the necessary design documentation: for construction, engineering and interior design. Each of our staff members is a real specialist in his or her field. Our design projects have high-quality visualisations and exceptional level of detail of all the blueprints. We help our clients to obtain approvals that are necessary for the required construction work.

Once the design project is ready, we provide a detailed budget for construction, construction materials, and finish materials, as well as for furnishing the house or apartment with furniture, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. We don’t use any hidden cost arrangements, and provide our clients with the most advantageous prices. When the budget is drafted, the client can review the price setting on any item. Our fee is included in the project administration costs.

As a rule, we set the tentative budget framework in the very early design stages, but should the need arise, we can make corrections to the project in order to fit it into desirable budget. After the budget is approved, we provide a detailed timeline of construction, furnishing and stages of financing.

Throughout the project, we act as the client’s representative: ensuring timely and high-quality construction, cooperation of subcontractors and delivery of construction and finish materials. In order to do that, each design project is assigned its own construction foreman, a project manager, and an architect to oversee the design side of construction, as well as a technical specialist to oversee the quality of performance. We welcome any representatives of our clients who are free to visit the construction site and control our performance. After project completion, we hand over to the client all of the as-built drawings and perform warranty maintenance.

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