1. Site exploration, construction survey, tree survey;
  2. Reference design, general layout, planning concept, facade sketches, visualisation;
  3. Preparation of construction design documents for AC stage (architectural concepts, facades, plans, sections, node points) and SC stage (structural concepts: foundations, inter-floor covering, stairs, roofing, construction plans and note points);
  4. Preparation of construction design documents for stages HVC (heating, ventilation, conditioning), WP (water supply and plumbing), MEE (mechanical electric equipment), LVC (low-voltage currents) includes design layouts, structural schemes, node points, and equipment specifications.


  1. Planning and stylistic concepts (visualisation of one of the sites principal zones), visualisations of all the sites premises, excluding technical areas (laundry rooms, walk-in closets, boiler-rooms, etc);
  2. Preparation of interior design blueprint that includes all the necessary technical drawings, specification of utilized finishing materials, including their quantity, list of plumbing fixtures, furniture, decorative and technical lighting, detailed drawings of individually-designed originals such as millwork, stucco moulding, stone fixtures, etc;
  3. Preparation of detailed budget for construction and finishing work, finishing materials, and complete furnishing of the site.

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